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The English Language version of this unique, online sales training methodology that takes only a few minutes a day, increases your sales massively, at minimal cost, with 1:1 support and proven results.*

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Bruce King

Bruce King is the producer and presenter of the English version of iZONEN. Bruce is recognised internationally as a leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist.

He is a highly sought after keynote conference speaker, sales and marketing master class presenter and sales trainer, business adviser, a personal coach and best-selling author.
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You can work with iZONEN via computer, mobile or tablet

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iZONEN has enabled thousands of sales people to increase their personal sales and the company’s sales - fast.

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17,000 + salespeople

*The Swedish language version of this website, has enabled 17,000 + salespeople to increase their sales significantly since its launch in November 2014. The English language version produced and presented by Bruce King launches in March 2018.

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